Online Reputation Management: Strategies for Building and Protecting Brand Image

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Arjun Singh, Swati Jain, Aswathinath T, J. Jayashree, Vikram Bajaj,


In the contemporary digital era, the management of one's online reputation, commonly referred to as Online Reputation Management (ORM), holds significant importance for both individuals and corporations. The establishment and safeguarding of a favorable brand image can exert a substantial influence on one's level of achievement.In the present day, characterized by digital advancements, where information dissemination occurs rapidly through the expansive realm of the internet, the perception of a brand holds significant importance as it may either serve as a beneficial resource or a substantial detriment. The profession of Online Reputation Management (ORM) has become more important for both individuals and corporations, since it has the potential to significantly impact their perceived credibility and trustworthiness among their target audiences. Similar to how a well-constructed brand identity can contribute to achieving favorable outcomes, a compromised online reputation has the potential to result in substantial harm. This article explores the methodologies for constructing and protecting a favorable brand reputation through Online Reputation Management (ORM). It emphasizes the significance of vigilant monitoring, content generation, engagement on social media platforms, and other essential practices in a context where brands' digital footprints are consistently scrutinized and susceptible to alteration.

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